Why learn Spanish at Brillant Spanish?

A different Teaching Spanish Conception that offers results

A new teaching method:

  • The contents are supported by excellent academic and highly didactic material: Worksheets and Study sheets.

  • We constantly work with reference materials at all levels.

  • The explanation of all issues is rigorous and highly reasoned: the student has a central role in the practice of knowledge.

  • The oral and written correction is intense and extreme: if the student does not fully understand a subject, he / she cannot advance to the next stage.

  • In the teaching process knowledge advances step by step, and what has been learned is constantly taken up again: dialectical teaching.
Enfoque Sistemático de la Lengua (ESLe)
Enfoque Sistemático de la Lengua (ESLe)


Live online classes with diagnostic tests and gradual evaluations.

Classes recorded with digitized material with theoretical reference and practical content.


A methodology that guarantees real and in-depth Spanish learning.

A methodology based on constant explanation and reflection.

Monitoring student progress

An attentive and careful monitoring of each student, with patience and dedication.

The use of intensive and sustained correction in the presence of errors.

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